Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Mission of Service not Domination

VATICAN CITY (CNS): At a Jubilee liturgy to celebrate evangelisation around the world, Pope John Paul II said the Church’s missionary efforts must be based on service, not domination, with special attention to the poor and suffering.

“The Church wants to announce Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, following the way that Christ himself took – service, poverty, humility, the cross. Therefore it must resist the temptations” that lead to “a spirit of rivalry and competition”, the Pope said at a Mass in St Peter’s Square on October 22 – World Mission Sunday.

“The words of Christ trace a clear line of division between the spirit of domination and that of service.

For a disciple of Christ, the first thing is to be the servant of all,” he said.

The Mass in St Peter’s Square marked a Jubilee highlight for the Pope, who has called evangelisation the main theme of Holy Year 2000.

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