Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Medal for pro-abortionist

More than 100 people took part in the annul Walk for Little Feet.

More than 100 people took part in the annul Walk for Little Feet.

A PRO-abortionist’s acceptance of a Miraculous Medal at this year’s Walk for Little Feet has left Cherish Life Queensland president Teresa Martin filled with hope.

The young woman was among about 40 protesters blocking the passage of marchers as they approached Queensland’s Parliament House on May 24.

Ms Martin was with more than 100 people taking part in the annual Walk for Little Feet organised by the Queensland branch of Right to Life Australia.

The walkers had started at the Woolloongabba abortion clinic in Annerley Road and proceeded through West End and on to the city.

They were confronted by pro-abortion supporters blocking the footpath and road at the corner of George and Alice streets near Parliament House.

“There were two police on duty,” Ms Martin said.

“They told the walk organisers a passage would be created through those protesters blocking our route.

“The protesters were yelling loudly, some through megaphones, as we went through.

“I heard one young woman screaming: ‘What about if a 14-year-old is raped?’

“I stopped and told her what a girl wants after a rape is to regain her sense of security, her sense of safety and her sense of self.

“Being raped mechanically in an abortion won’t make her un-raped.

“She then told me that she had been raped.

“I gave her a Miraculous Medal (I always carry them) and told her it was holy and had been blessed and that God loved her very much.

“She folded her fingers over the medal and held it.

“Then her friends started their yelling again and she joined in – but she still had that medal.

“If nothing else, she knows that on that day one person took the time to tell her she had worth and value and was loved.”

Two others involved in the Walk for Little Feet – Michael Searle and walk organiser and Queensland co-ordinator for Right to Life Graham Preston – spoke of more aggressive opposition than usual to the event which has now been held for 25 years.

“It’s the first time we’ve had our path to Parliament House totally blocked by pro-abortionist supporters,” Mr Preston said.

“By the time we arrived their protest had apparently been going for at least an hour and some seemed completely hysterical.

“We took it as a kind of backhanded compliment that they felt the need to attempt to intimidate us to this extent.

“This and similar pro-life events must be having some impact.

“The protesters were at least six deep and very noisy.

“We saw it as important to go through the line as it’s not good to back off all the time in such situations.”

Mr Preston was concerned for the wellbeing of those in the Walk for Little Feet, especially the young and the elderly.

“One of our walkers was a lady of at least 80 but she was fine – she just plunged in and went through the path made by the police,” he said.

Mr Searle said the “anger and vitriol from the pro-abortion supporters was palpable”.

He said, even after the Walk for Life had finished and participants were returning placards and vests to a waiting van, pro-abortionists were yelling and shouting obscenities.

“However, I’m sure the walk, which went through many areas in inner city Brisbane including the busy South Bank café precinct, raised much-needed awareness about the issue,” he said.

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