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Kids’ club building faith for 10 years

Adults and children from the Catholic Kids Net at Sunnybank parish celebrating a decade of faith.

Faith milestone: Adults and children from the Catholic Kids Net at Sunnybank parish celebrating a decade of faith.

ONE decade has passed since Sunny-bank parish began its children’s club Catholic Kids Net or CKNET.

CKNET is based on a United States non-profit, educational club focusing on character formation of younger children combining parental involvement, entertaining mass media products and the kids’ clubs.

Past and present members of CNKET joined Sunnybark parishioners in a Mass on October 20 to celebrate 10 years of ministry.

Kristen Roe and Katie O’Kane started the ministry 10 years ago while they were both still single university students.

They met while both their mums were in a Catholics Returning Home program, and discussed the idea of starting a children’s club.

They are mothers themselves now – Mrs Roe with four children and Mrs O’Kane, one.

Mrs Roe said children’s clubs like CKNET were an important part of a child’s faith development.

“The main purpose is to guide children in their faith journey, teach them about God and about our great Catholic faith,” she said.

“It’s important because sometimes they don’t get as much Catholic teaching at school.

“What we try and do at CKNET is mix school, family and Church, to get a basic knowledge of the faith.”

Mrs Roe said the CKNET focus on school, family and Church showed they were “complementary”, showing children that faith was integrated in all parts of life.

CKNET provides children with take-home activities to ensure their faith education is maintained in the home as well as at the club.

Mrs Roe said her vocation as a mother had determined her main purpose in life.

“My main purpose is to keep growing in my faith and pass it on to my children,” she said.

“Faith is a way of life, and it is a part of who I am as a person and as a parent.”

Mrs Roe said the best way to pass the faith on to children was to have continuous discussion and prayer in the home.

She said it was also important for families to have an “active participation” in their community, such as attending social events at the local parish.

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