Friday, February 28, 2020
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Intimacy is not about sex

DENVER (CNS): Although 98 per cent of pop culture references to intimacy today are about sex, intimacy is not about sex but about relationships – not just between husband and wife but between friends, Australian author Matthew Kelly told Catholic singles in the United States.

“Sex doesn’t mean intimacy, it doesn’t guarantee intimacy, it isn’t necessary for intimacy,” he said at the second National Catholic Singles Conference, held from February 10-12 in Denver, Colarado.

Noting that half of all marriages end in divorce, Mr Kelly told the crowd that what was missing in most of these relationships was a common underlying purpose.

“People married 30 and 40 years get divorced because once the kids are gone, there’s no reason to stay together.”

People know that their relationships can be better, but most don’t have a clue as to how to begin, Mr Kelly said.

Sydney-born Mr Kelly outlined “the seven levels of intimacy”, which is also the title of his latest book – cliche; facts; opinions; hopes and dreams; feelings; fears, faults and failures and legitimate needs.

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