Monday, November 30, 2020
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Ignite Conference 2020 cancelled, organisers look to Conference 2021: Unleash and new plans in Sydney

Blessed event: The event is often attended by more than 1400 participants from across the world. Photo: Tim Adamson, Lucid Media

YOUNG Brisbane Catholics will have to wait another year to gather for worship, prayer and inspirational speakers as Ignite Conference 2020 is cancelled and event organisers look to a new partnership with Sydney Archdiocese for 2021 and 2022.

Ignite Youth director Kym Keady released a letter that outlined the decision and said it had been something she and her team had wrestled with for two months.

“After speaking with people in the arts industry, the arts minister in (Queensland) has advised that there will be restrictions on gatherings of under 300 until October at best,” she said in the letter.

“This leads me to believe that running the conference in real life won’t be a feasible option in September/October.

“Finances are also a very real issue for families, which means we would expect a significantly smaller conference even if we could go ahead.

“With all this in mind (and with a heavy heart), I believe the best option before us is to cancel Ignite Conference for 2020 and prepare for Conference 2021: Unleash.

“I am obviously personally disappointed, but I am also peaceful that this is absolutely the right decision to make at this time.”

In the letter, Mrs Keady said there was “some exciting news” too.

“On a positive note, we are excited to have a confirmed two year commitment with Sydney archdiocese to run Ignite Conference as part of the Evangelisation Plan for the diocese for 2021 and 2022,” she said.

“As a ministry, Ignite Youth are currently exploring ways to challenge ourselves to be as innovative and creative as we can in this new world we find ourselves in. 

“At the same time I feel convicted to listen to what is realistic and to be as ‘real world’ as we can.

“As restrictions lift in Queensland and other states, we are open to running alternative events as opportunities of connection and encounter, particularly to keep our connections alive in Brisbane and Sydney.”

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