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Hear the new noise from emmanuelworship

emmanuelworship in the studio

Worship team: Sarah Dubois, Lucas Willmer, Dominic Dougherty, Roby Curtis, and Liam Desic are among the young singers and musicians who feature on the new emmanuelworship live album, Ventus. Photo: Emilie Ng

CALLING a new album noise would be offensive to most musicians but not for the worship leaders in Brisbane’s emmanuelworship.

For months the team have worked on a new album to recreate the “mighty noise from heaven” that the disciples heard on Pentecost 2000 years ago.

That heavenly noise has been captured in Ventus (Noise from Heaven), emmanuelworship’s latest live album recorded at this year’s Ignite Conference.

Ventus is not only a celebration of the birthday of the Church, better known as Pentecost, but of the birth of the Charismatic Renewal 50 years ago.

The Charismatic Renewal has touched the lives of all the musicians who appear on the album, including mother of two Sarah Dubois.

Mrs Dubois’ vocals feature prominently on the new live album, which she said responds to the Renewal’s call to breathe life and God’s voice into the world.

“Acts 2:2 is about the brothers in the room just after Pentecost and they heard a massive wind,” Mrs Dubois said.

“Basically we’re trying to create that noise from Heaven, if you like.

“Also this year was 50 years of the Charismatic Renewal, of the Holy Spirit breathing new life, breathing into us and through us.”

At the heart of the new album are the prayers of its musicians – a mere 60 of them – who are often mistaken for performing while on stage.

“It’s not just a performance for us, it’s worship for us,” Mrs Dubois said. “It is our prayer time (and we try) to channel a lot what the Spirit is saying and where the Spirit is moving.”

One of their prayers is to reach every young Australian and then take on the youth of the world.

Immediately following the launch of the live album on December 1, emmanuelworship will head to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival where they will play before thousands of young Catholics.

“We have a special place in the Catholic Church,” Mrs Dubois said. “I think our heart is just to reach young people everywhere.”

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