Friday, October 2, 2020
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Greek Appeal

WARSAW, Poland (CNS): The head of Greece’s Orthodox Church has appealed for Pope John Paul II to take “further steps” toward recognising Catholic Church “intransigence” before his planned May visit to the country.

Greek Orthodox Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens praised Pope John Paul for regretting past “Church errors”, but said others also must be addressed.

Meanwhile, a priest who is a Catholic cathedral administrator said most Catholic clergy believe the pilgrimage should be postponed because of current Church-state disputes.

Archbishop Christodoulos said in a March 23 statement: “For the first time in the Vatican’s age-old intransigence, this Pope has shown serious signs of apologising. But this is barely the first step. There are many further ones which need to be taken.”

He said Pope John Paul had “recognised errors committed by the Roman Catholic Church”, including its role in medieval Crusades.

However, he said he hoped to discuss other “Church differences” with the Pope during his May 4-5 visit.

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