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Giving Uganda love with lemonade

Linda Brady with student donors

Joyful hearts: Year 2 teacher Linda Brady was overwhelmed by the generous donations from students Austin Barnes (Year 1), Chloe Barnes (Year 2), Amelia Smith (Year 2), Darcy Pares (Prep, front) and Kelsi Pares (Year 2).

By Emilie Ng

PROFITS from a small lemonade venture organised by three students at St Benedict’s Primary School, Mango Hill, will help a Catholic teacher feed a Ugandan family for one week.

Year 1 student Austin Barnes and sister Chloe Barnes, of Year 2, along with Year 2 student Amelia Smith, set up a kerbside lemonade stall outside their home to raise money for their teacher Linda Brady, who will travel to Uganda in August on mission with her husband John Brady.

Lemonade stall

Helping Uganda: Students from St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School, Mango Hill, Austin and Chloe Barnes and Amelia Smith sold lemonade to raise money for their teacher Linda Brady to help children in Uganda.

The idea came from Chloe’s mum, who suggested her children and friend Amelia could have a lemonade stand, but rather than keep the money, the primary students wanted to donate it to a greater cause.

They sold pink, white and green lemonade for 50 cents, with the hope to give all their profits to Uganda.

“During the morning we got the idea to give the money to Uganda because I’ve already got enough money,” Chloe said.

The students handed over $13.50 to a surprised Mrs Brady on the morning of Wednesday, June 10.

“It was quite a surprise, and I’ve got to admit that I had a little tear when they gave me the envelope,” Mrs Brady said.

“The children were filled with joy to think it could help Ugandan children.”

A few days later, Mrs Brady received a second envelope filled with $10.90, money from one student’s own wallet.

Mrs Brady said $13 Australian converted to 31,980 Ugandan shillings.

“This could be food for a family for a week,” she said.

Mr and Mrs Brady are long-time parishioners at Our Lady of the Way Parish, Petrie, which struck up a partnership with a Ugandan parish in 2007.

The couple has travelled to Uganda to connect with St Bruno’s parish priest Fr Porphyrius for the past six years.

The parish transferred $5500 in January last year to help with the construction of the new St Bruno’s Church.

The money donated by the students from their lemonade stall will go directly to families in Uganda when Mrs Brady and her husband land in Uganda in August.

Envelope for Linda Brady

Generous donation: The envelope containing $13.50 donated to Linda Brady, who will head to Uganda on a mission trip in August.

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