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From bed ridden to swimming laps: How a hydrotherapy pool is changing the lives of aged care residents


hydrotherapy pool

Health matters: Aged care residents are loving their brand new hydrotherapy pool.

Last week, Patricia Harding, an aged care resident at St Vincent’s Care Services Southport, was ecstatic as she successfully completed her half hour exercise regime in the pool without skipping a beat. 

At 85 years old and sporting new swimmers and a grin from ear to ear, Ms Harding informed her instructor, Adrianna, that she felt so good that she was almost “ready to go for a run” after her mid-morning session in the pool. 

This was a far cry from the same Ms Harding who was bed ridden and in immense pain for months after fracturing her pelvis earlier this year, due to osteoarthritis complications. 

Combined with scoliosis from years and years of hovering over sewing machines as a brilliant dressmaker and owner of a successful boutique in Brisbane, the year of 2016 was looking fairly ominous for Ms Harding. 

However, with the support and supervision from physiotherapy and leisure staff at St Vincent’s Care Services Southport, Ms Harding ventured back into the pool at the Bauer St facility and has never looked back. 

Ms Harding either has private lessons or group sessions as part of her program, and her confidence has blossomed during her strengthening and conditioning routine, as she is able to work harder thanks to the buoyancy of the water. 

The group sessions not only improve flexibility and tone, but are also act as a social event, with laughter from the group heard throughout the complex. 

St Vincent’s Care Services will be holding a Community Open Day on Saturday 24 September to showcase the facility’s new state-of-the-art aged care extension, Lenneberg House. 

The new building offers high quality accommodation and comprehensive support services for an additional 36 residents.

St Vincent’s Care Services Southport Facility Manager, David MacDonald, said the new building was an exciting addition to the community. 

“We are extremely proud of Lenneberg House and what it can offer residents, in particular, the specialist accommodation and services for residents living with dementia. 

“We look forward to welcoming the local community, and showing people that aged care can be a very positive experience in the right setting with the right people, as it is here at St Vincent’s Care Services Southport,” said Mr MacDonald. 

Ms Harding and her friends will be participating in several hydrotherapy sessions in the pool throughout the Community Open Day. 

“We will be very happy for people to see us do our exercises and see how happy we feel after the sessions. 

“Many of us would be struggling daily without this pool, so we are very thankful,” Ms Harding said.

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