Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Fr Chris Riley unwell, calls for people to reach out via email

Fr Chris Riley

Advocate: Fr Chris Riley.

YOUTH Off The Streets founder Fr Chris Riley was reportedly “very unwell” and 2GB Radio personality Ben Fordham called out for listeners to write to him on June 30.

Youth Off The Streets chief executive officer Lex Lutherborrow told 2GB that Fr Riley was unwell, both from mental and physical exhaustion.

She said he had cared for thousands of young people but was not good at taking care of himself.

Mr Fordham said as a way of cheering him up, he had given out Fr Riley’s email address so that people could write to him.

“Don’t expect a reply,” Mr Fordham said, “We’re giving him strict orders not to reply.”

Fr Riley, who founded Youth Off The Streets in 1991 and has helped about 150,000 young people to turn their lives around, was “stubbornly resting” at home.

“It’s been really difficult for Fr (Riley) because he knows the organisation wants to have him around and needs him, particularly through this time of COVID,” Ms Lutherborrow said.

“He wants to be back with us.

“It’s important that he knows that he’s respected, considered and valued and that he does make a difference in the lives of people.

“I think sometimes when you’re working at the coalface, you forget that.

“The organisation loves Fr (Riley) and misses having his quirky self around at work.

“It would be great for him to receive those emails.”

If you know Fr Riley or want to send him a word of encouragement, please email him at

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