Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Catholics pray for Deputy Premier Jackie Trad’s change of heart on abortion

Mothers and children pray Rosary outside Jackie Trad's office

Opposing abortion: Belinda Goodwin and her youngest children joined a group of pro-life mothers and their children to pray outside Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad’s office in West End. The group will pray at Ms Trad’s office every Friday until October 26. Photo: Supplied.

MOTHER-of-nine Belinda Goodwin is praying the hardest Rosary of her life in an effort to protect women and the unborn from abortion in Queensland.

The Catholic mother, whose children aged between 17 years and 17 months, was among a group of about 20 Catholics including children who prayed the Rosary outside Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad’s office on August 10.

“It is really important to do this Rosary, being at Jackie’s office praying for a conversion of heart for her, and that this bill is absolutely defeated,” Mrs Goodwin said.

The proposed bill would decriminalise abortion in Queensland and allow women to have an abortion at 22 weeks, or up until birth if approved by two doctors.

Mrs Goodwin, who is a medical doctor, said Labor’s proposed bill was “destructive and dangerous and will legalise the worst form of abuse a woman can actually experience”.

A pro-life supporter who has regularly prayed outside abortion clinics in Brisbane, Mrs Goodwin said many women had told her they were coerced into terminating their pregnancies.

“The most common thing I’ve heard a woman say as she goes into an abortion clinic is she has no choice,” she said.

“They are often pushed in by their husband, or a boyfriend, or a family member.

“This legislation silences choice and allows women to be pushed into an abortion clinic.

“This is really coercion being legalised.”

Mrs Goodwin said the bill would also take away a doctor’s freedom to practise medicine “in a way they believe they should practise it”.

“Doctors, when they are studying, are told to do the best in treating all human life,” she said.

“When you have a mother and an unborn baby you have two patients.

“Good medicine says you look after the mother and her unborn child.”

Mrs Goodwin said she spoke briefly with Ms Trad during the Rosary session, telling the Deputy Premier why she was against the proposed bill.

“Jackie Trad said she was a Catholic however she supported Emily’s List and supported abortion,” Mrs Goodwin said.

“She had little insight or care into the detrimental effects abortion actually has on women and the destruction of the unborn baby.

“I would encourage everyone to speak to their local MP and reinforce that we do not support this bill, and we do not support abortion.”

Catholics will continue to pray the Rosary outside Ms Trad’s office every Friday until October 26, to coincide with the bill’s expected debate in parliament.

Ms Trad did not respond to a request for comment.       

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