Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Catholic Early EdCare – a new brand to capture the spirit of early learning

Watch them grow: Two satisfied customers showcasing the Catholic Early EdCare brand.

CATHOLIC Early EdCare is Catholic through and through.

The new name, Catholic Early EdCare, has replaced Centacare Child Care Services and brought a fresh, faithful face to one of Brisbane archdiocese’s booming services.

Catholic Early EdCare director Alana Crouch said faith and spirituality underpinned all they did.

She said their Catholic identity was part of “giving thanks for our food and what we have, reminding children of their connection to something bigger than themselves, encouraging compassion and good thoughts, teaching values and virtues, and creating a culture of respect and accepting differences”.

These values were also reflected in the new tag line, “Watch them grow”.

“We are uniquely placed to help children grow in all kinds of ways,” Mrs Crouch said.

“We bring Catholic values, the latest early-years development research and thinking, as well as a genuine respect for children and their families together, for places where children can connect, grow and discover.”

Catholic Early EdCare encompasses 23 kindergartens and long-day care centres, and more than 100 outside-school-hours care services throughout Brisbane archdiocese.

But it isn’t business as usual – the new name reflects a new approach “for delivering authentic and engaging services to children focusing on family’s aspirations for their children”.

The brand renewal came out of a time of reflection.

Mrs Crouch said the review process, in lieu of the change, included feedback, ideas and information from families, services, parishes and schools, as well as other key stakeholders.

“It was quite an extensive process, but valuable listening to each perspective,” she said.

Mrs Crouch said Catholic Early EdCare nurtured the spirituality of children.

“All children are innately spiritual,” she said. 

“It is important to us that the spirituality of those within our care is respected and nurtured. 

“We do this by understanding what’s important to families and espousing the Catholic values of care, compassion, honesty, kindness and thankfulness in our actions, and through symbols and stories. 

“Children aren’t taught religion, but are given every opportunity to experience spirituality in positive and age-appropriate ways.”

Signage with the new brand has already begun to go up across Brisbane  archdiocese and the organisation was eager to see parents engage with them.

“All parents want to see their children grow and blossom,” Mrs Crouch said.

“We ask families to share their aspirations for their children with us, to help us better engage with and support each individual child. 

“Our parish is part of our community; our schools are part of our community; our faith is part of our community. 

“We are connected to something bigger and everyone is welcome.”

The close connection between Catholic Early EdCare kindergartens, outside-schools-hours care and long-day care, and Catholic schools begins early.

Brisbane Catholic Education executive director Pam Betts said this connection assisted Prep students to successfully transition to a Catholic primary school.

 “With Catholic Early EdCare co-located with a number of Catholic schools, we absolutely see the tangible benefits to the entire community,” she said.

 “Visits between centres and schools, and collaboration between educators are easily undertaken, and the children have the opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with the Prep classroom. “Most importantly, we offer those Catholic values that shape lives from the very early years; children are embedded with kindness and respect in an age-appropriate way in kindergarten and this continues to Prep and beyond.”

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