Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Campaign to overhaul aged care services and funding

Aged care woes: A new coalition of health providers wants to prioritise the needs of older Australians.

ABOUT 1,000 health providers – including Catholic not-for-profit services – have formed a powerful coalition to advocate for better aged care standards and funding

The Australian Aged Care Collaboration (AACC) today launched with a report entitled ‘It’s Time to Care About Aged Care’, laying bare the problems that have beset the aged care industry and calling on politicians to seize the moment and finally fix them.

Understaffing, underfunding, and a lack of choice inside the aged care system have been under intense public scrutiny, with a Royal Commission due to table its final report into aged care next week.

More than 20 government aged care reviews in 20 years have failed to adequately address the growing problem of an inadequate care system for older Australians.

Older Australians suffer from a lack of choice inside the aged care system.

Catholic Health Australia, Australia’s largest non-government grouping of aged care services is a member of the newly-formed AACC and has welcomed the launch of the maiden report.

 “We can no longer afford to leave the aged care system the way it is,” CHA Chief Executive Officer Pat Garcia said.

“For too long as a nation we have failed to prioritise the needs of our older Australians.

“That has to change. It has taken a Royal Commission to bring the inadequacies of the aged care into sharp focus, laying bare the problems that have been left unaddressed for two decades.

“Our members are proud to be part of a truly sector-wide campaign to ensure that this time aged care is not put back into the too hard basket.

“We are issuing a challenge to this Parliament to tackle the problems by initiating bold reforms that will enable Australians to age with comfort and dignity. We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

Catholic Health Australia services make up about 10 percent of hospital-based healthcare in Australia.

CHA members also provide around 25 percent of private hospital care, five percent of public hospital care, 12 percent of aged care facilities, and 20 percent of home care and support for older Australians.

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