Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Cairns town tends to grief 12 months after tragic explosion


RAVENSHOE parishioners gathered for an ecumenical service at St Teresa’s Church to commemorate the lives lost in a disaster last year that shook the whole community.

The small town located on the Atherton Tablelands was rocked by disaster 12 months ago when a vehicle crashed into a gas bottle at a local cafe, causing an explosion that killed two people and injured 19.

Mayor Joe Paronella said among those remembering the tragedy were directly affected friends and families, emergency services, first responders, students and volunteers.

“It is wonderful to see this show of support, respect and acknowledgement of those directly affected and everyone concerned as well as the resilience of the entire Ravenshoe community,” Mr Paronella said to the Tablelands Regional Council.

Mr Paronella said the anniversary was an important stop in the healing process for the community.

“It was a time for reflection and an opportunity to thank those from far and wide who have supported Ravenshoe,” he said.

“There was $839,254.52 donated to the official Ravenshow Café Explosion Appeal Fund from right around Australia; it goes to show the heartfelt compassion of Australians coming out to help when our community was in need of support.”

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