Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Brisbane March For Life will hold a minute’s silence for babies that were aborted under Queensland law

Life support: Marchers at last year’s March for Life in Brisbane’s city streets. Photo: Alan Edgecomb

PRO-life group Cherish Life has vowed to keep fighting for the rights of the unborn, a year after pro-abortion laws were passed in Queensland.

The Queensland-based advocacy group will hold its annual March for Life in Brisbane on October 12, and will observe a minute’s silence “as a mark of respect to the little babies who have been killed under the Termination of Pregnancy Act”.

Last October Queensland Members of Parliament voted 50-41 to pass laws that allow abortion on request until 22 weeks of pregnancy, and abortion beyond 22 weeks under loose criteria including “social” reasons.

“Many of them (the MPs) cheered and clapped the moment it was passed which added to the agony of the gross injustice,” Cherish Life Queensland’s executive director Teeshan Johnson said. 

“It was a dark day in Queensland’s history, and one we won’t forget in a hurry.

“This law is so extreme it has even allowed aborting late and full-term babies of healthy women.”

Cherish Life promised to campaign to oust MPs who voted for the abortion laws, and Ms Johnson said the task of replacing pro-abortion MPs with pro-life MPs had started.

The target is the next state election in 2020.

“While at times it can be hard to get the courage and passion to fight again after a crushing defeat, it is important we continue to fight for the unborn – lives and future generations depend on our faithfulness to the mission of saving the unborn,” Ms Johnson said.

“We are resolute that these laws shall not stand. 

“The unborn will again have legal protection in our state, and pregnant women proper support.”

Ms Johnson said one side of state politics was already responding to pressure to wind back abortion laws.

“At the LNP state convention this year a resolution passed resoundingly that medical help must be given to babies born alive in failed abortions,” she said.

“This is a win for life, as presently those poor little babies are left to die. 

“While there is still a lot more that needs to be done, this commitment by the LNP does send a strong signal there is appetite for change in that party.”

The March for Life on October 12 will start at Brisbane’s Queens Gardens at 2pm, with a rally and speeches to follow outside Parliament House.

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