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Brisbane Christian Brother launches new book on Christian meditation

New book: Br Brian Grenier has launched a new book, Listen to Him!, and he wants his to prompt his readers to think on God. Photo: Joe Higgins

CHRISTIAN Brother Brian Grenier is rare as far as writers go.

That’s because he was more interested in his readers’ answers than his own.

Having just released his new book, Listen to Him!, Br Grenier was reminded of a theologian who said “it is the question rather than the answer that educates”.

“And you could say that in the book here, I have either directly or implicitly, asked those questions which are most basic to living a baptismal commitment,” Br Grenier said.

“In doing so, I’ve tentatively suggested some of my own answers in responses to them, but I acknowledge that for somebody else it’s the question rather than my answer that educates.”

The book was all about drawing his readers into Christian meditation.

Listen to Him! was a collection of writings about “living the Christian adventure”.

Br Grenier stressed that word – adventure.

It was how he captured the Christian life in a single word.

As for the title, he took them right from the mouth of God the Father, who said during the Transfiguration of Christ – “Listen to Him”. (Mt 17:5; Mk 9:7; Lk 9:35)

Br Grenier explains in the introduction that it contained “the best advice we are ever likely to receive”.

The book was a collection of brief essays, most of which had appeared in The Catholic Leader over the years, as well as some talks he had given in parishes and a brief biography of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.

The essays ranged from the historical to the meditative, and were interspersed with other materials intended to draw the reader to pondering God.

The book will be on sale through The Catholic Leader for $20.

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