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Abortion grief overwhelming

Abortion grief overwhelming

AUSTRALIA is “drowning in abortion grief”, according to the founder of Victims of Abortion and author of Redeeming Grief

For more than 20 years, Anne Lastman has counselled thousands of post-abortive women who pass through her Victoria-based trauma and counselling practice.

In March, she will share about the effects of abortion symptoms, of post-abortion trauma, different behaviours of males and females, and bereavement and grief support at the Love, Life, and Liberty seminar in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

There are between 80,000 and 100,000 abortions every year in Australia.

Organisers said Mrs Lastman’s keynote address would be a “huge benefit” to anybody involved in professional counselling, mental health, social science, or pastoral care disciplines.

It will be Brisbane’s first time hosting the seminar, organised by Australian pro-life non-profit organisation Emily’s Voice.

Mrs Lastman, who in her book shares her experience of having had two abortions before rediscovering God’s love and mercy, said her address would highlight the importance of talking about abortion pain.

“Women hurt after abortion,” Mrs Lastman said.

“The most important thing a family member, friend, or partner can do is allow the crying, allow the time needed to process the loss as a loss and not as a procedure (without a name) and if needed, not to say ‘get a life’ or ‘you made the decision, now live with it’, but instead find a counsellor, preferably someone who understands soul pain and get the grieving one to the counsellor.”

Mrs Lastman said she hoped the seminar would highlight the “complicated grief” connected to abortion.

“An abortion is never forgotten even to the last breath,” she said.

“There are wounded human beings, male and female, looking for the face of a child that might look like theirs.

“We can only continue with flood of tears because now it’s become ‘normal’ until woman rediscovers her feminine genius and how brilliant her design is and why that design, not much will change.

“It is my hope that if I and others keep harping away at this message, eventually we will get through.”

Emily’s Voice chief executive officer Paul O’Rourke (pictured) said he hoped the seminar would be education, inspiration, but most importantly, a practical way for people to show compassion to the thousands of hurting women, and men, affected by abortions.

The one-day seminar costs $45, and includes morning tea and lunch.

Register for the seminar by visiting and search Life Seminar.

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