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A Dorrington Christmas is about being one family

Happy parishioners: Some of the St Michael’s War Memorial Church parishioners at the One Family One Community Mass on December 22.

CHRISTMAS was about the coming of Christ and Dorrington parish proved it, inviting Catholic communities across Brisbane to join its One Family One Community Mass at St Michael’s War Memorial Church on December 22 last year.

Parish priest Congregation of the Holy Spirit Father Tom Kessy, Fr John Huynh, and Scalabrinian Father Ignacio Gutierrez concelebrated the Mass, and were assisted by Deacon Ivan Ortiz.

Long-time parishioner and the parish’s first altar boy Ray Jeffress, now 80, said it was “unbelievable” hearing everyone gathered all singing in their own language.

“That just brought a tear to my eye,” he said.

“As far as I’m concerned, it was 12 out of 10, 15 out of 10, because it was faultless.

“I cannot give it enough praise.”

Mother-daughter duo and long-time parishioners Lily and Cathy Fagg said it was touching to see all the different nationalities enjoying the day so much.

“That’s the lasting impression we had with it,” she said, “it was lovely to see us all together.”

It was young parishioner Matthew Adi who came up with the idea of singing Christmas carols and bringing “global voices together”.

Mr Adi gave his thanks to everyone involved at the Mass.

“From Columba to Fiji, Sudan to Iraq, Burundi to Ireland, my sincere gratitude to all singers and our brothers and sisters who came today from all corners of the world, including our homeland Australia,” he said.

Fr Kessy said it was “very uplifting” to see everyone at the Mass. 

His favourite part of the Mass was witnessing the joy and song when it came time for Holy Communion, where everyone could see “God had given us Christ as a gift to share”.

“We are all one family of God,” he said.

Fr Kessy said the event was a great chance to bring everyone together for evangelisation. 

One highlight was having all the children play roles of the Nativity organised by Sue and Steve Walker.

Murri Ministry member David Miller said it was wonderful hearing the many voices of Brisbane.

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