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Youth Leader: Run the good race with all your heart



Vocations: Young men attending the Archbishop’s Annual Vocations Dinner.

RUNNING Man – it seems another craze takes hold in the world. 

I actually think this one is very funny. But consider the running man – my boo vocation. 

Where are we running to – on the spot or toward something?  

I pray that we continually run toward God with all our heart in answer to His divine call in our lives.

It takes a village to grow vocations. 

By the village I mean primarily the family, the Church, the school, the neighbourhood and so on. 

A young person does not just decide that they want to be a priest, a deacon, a religious, get married, or be single.

Others are involved in this decision and discernment. 

We are called from and within the family, the Church, the school and the neighbourhood. 

This key understanding is central to the work and mission of Vocations Brisbane. 

In this Extraordinary Year of Mercy Brisbane archdiocese’s Vocations Office encourages again young people to consider the call to which God invites them. 

This year we held the Archbishop’s Annual Vocations Dinner to which 15 young men were invited to have dinner with Archbishop Coleridge – a little bit different than last year’s mega dinners. 

Also coming up in July is the Discere Weekend for young men and woman to discern the call; Quo Vadis priesthood discernment live-in weekend at the seminary in August; and our new Mercy Pilgrimage weekend to a detention centre in December.

Join us also for Leaven Hour Adoration each fourth Friday at St Stephen’s Cathedral and the National Vocations Awareness Expo in August. 

We pray, Father of Mercy, that you continue to nurture in the young the desire to consecrate themselves to you and to the work of evangelisation. 

Sustain these village communities in their commitment to offer appropriate vocational catechesis and ways of proceeding towards each one’s particular consecration.  Running man/woman – run the good race with all your heart.

By Fr Morgan Matt

Fr Morgan Batt is the director of Vocation Brisbane.

This sponsored content has been provided by Vocation Brisbane for the annual Youth Leader feature.  The content also appeared in our June 12, 2016 issue as paid content.

Written by: Guest Contributor
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