Thursday, June 4, 2020
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What shall we say to the Lord for the wonders He has done for us?

This is a short reflection from the temporary professed St Paul de Chartres Sisters who pronounced their first vows on February 2.

ALL we could say is that our hearts are filled with awe, immense joy and gratitude to God who has called and chosen us, and we have responded by following Him with faith, love and joyful hope in the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres.

Looking back throughout the early years of formation, we recognised that our mission is not ours but God’s, that we are precious in His eyes; that it is only through experiencing his unconditional love that we are able to return love for love and have the strength to say “Fiat” to Him as Mary, our Blessed Mother had done.

Like Mary, we had signed a blank cheque without knowing what lies ahead, yet we believe that Jesus will keep His promises and that our lives, not without suffering, will be filled with graces and blessings beyond all imagination.

We thank God for choosing unworthy servants like us to be His witnesses of faith, love and hope in this secular world.

Our lives from now on must shine and be consumed as the candle we held on our First Profession Day.

Lord, grant us the courage and perseverance to say each day with St. Paul, “life to me now, is Christ!” (Phil 1:21)

Written by: Staff writers
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