Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Thanking Bishop-elect Anthony Randazzo: ‘May Jesus empower you as you serve’

Bishop-elect Anthony Randazzo

Wise guide: Bishop-elect Anthony Randazzo just one week before his episcopal ordination.

“LET us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus who inspires and perfects our faith.” (Hebrews 12:2)

 “Thy will be done unto me; I will walk in obedience to what you choose for me.”

For me, this quote from Hebrews and “your will be done” from the lips of Jesus, express how Bishop-elect Tony Randazzo has lived his life in service of the Church in Brisbane. 

I have known him for most of his priestly ministry, however, for the past six-and-a-half years I have been his secretary in his role as rector of the Holy Spirit Seminary. 

It has been a privilege to watch him at close quarters living out these scriptural texts.

As he served the Archdiocese of Brisbane and the province of Queensland through his role at the seminary, I came to witness a man of God who was totally committed to his priesthood. 

He has sought to inspire and encourage the men in formation under his charge whilst the rector. 

Here was a man who prayed, wept and cried out to God for the seminarians for whom he was responsible.

His mission was to form men imbued with the Holy Spirit so they might be ready to embrace the ministry of priesthood in its totality.

For this to happen Bishop-elect Randazzo built on the work and example of the previous rectors so that the Holy Spirit Seminary would continue to be a place where young men of God would grow to become true shepherds of the people of God. 

He was ably assisted in this task by the amazing seminary staff, who shared his vision and passion to form priests of integrity, intellect, courage in the face of adversity and bold in living their priestly ministry yet men who would be humble enough to be servants of God’s people and the Church.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge pays tribute to Bishop-elect Randazzo

One of the many joys in working for and with Bishop-elect Tony was to share our faith journeys as this was always at the forefront of his life. 

He led by example in steeping himself in a deep prayer life, which overflowed to both the seminary staff and the seminarians. 

Were there struggles at times?

 Yes, of course, however when you work with a true Christian there is the capacity and freedom to work through conflicts and seek reconciliation, a genuine gift in a work place.

There are many words that can be said to say thank-you to Bishop-elect Tony for your generous, faithful and passionate service to the Church of Brisbane but I know that you would say you were “only doing what comes with your priestly vocation”.

For me, Bishop-elect Tony demonstrates a genuine passion and love for Christ, an eagerness for grasping every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel, a joy in living out the priestly vocation, a generosity of spirit in serving the needs of others, a boldness in expressing his faith, and an openness to the creativity and beauty of the action of the Holy Spirit in his life.

Thank you for living, breathing and speaking Jesus to us at the Holy Spirit Seminary over the past seven years. 

I know as you go to Sydney you will go with great enthusiasm for the mission entrusted to you, relying not on your own strength but the graces of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as you seek to follow God’s call on your life as a bishop.

May Jesus empower you as you serve the Church in Sydney.

By Lisa Humphrys

Lisa HumphrysLisa Humphrys is an executive assistant at Holy Spirit Seminary.


Written by: Guest Contributor
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