Thursday, September 24, 2020
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What do we need to live  a good life?

What do we need to live a good life?

By Jess Woodward

THE four cardinal virtues of courage, prudence, justice and wisdom were first outlined as necessary for living a good life by Plato in “The Republic” and then explored in the context of Christianity by Sts Ambrose, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.

This year, Australian Catholic University Campus Ministry has launched a new initiative, “The Human Virtues Series”, in which staff and students are invited to ask questions about what it means to be men and women of integrity through listening to and asking questions of their bishops, the primary teachers within the Church.

Over four semesters, each campus will invite their local bishop to give input on the topic of how the cardinal virtues relate to us in the modern world.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge visited Brisbane Campus for the first series event in April to offer his insights into the cardinal virtue of courage.

Student Mitchell Dean and Theology lecturer Maeve Heaney treated more than 50 guests with live music.

During Q&A with the Archbishop, the question was asked: “What can we as university students do to communicate that courage of Jesus?”

The Archbishop’s response was to encourage students to live it, to witness to the kind of virtues that lie at the heart of a genuinely Christian life.

Jess Woodward is an ACU Campus Ministry Officer.

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