Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Saving children’s lives

PREGNANCY Crisis Incorporated, a charity supporting impoverished, abused women under pressure to terminate their pregnancies, is calling for volunteers to supervise a safe house in Brisbane.

A PCI spokesperson said an emergency had arisen following the hospitalisation of the charity’s full-time carers.

“We urgently need volunteers to supervise the house on an indefinite basis,” the spokesperson said.

Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated, launched by Archbishop John Bathersby in 2008, has assisted many women since the charity’s safe house was opened and blessed by Archbishop Mark Coleridge three years ago.

PCI is supporting several pregnant women who are under pressure to terminate their pregnancies, and the spokesperson said the charity was in urgent need of volunteers “to look after guests at PCI House”.

“If you have any time available, the charity will conduct a short training program to advise supervisors of the requirements of the position and to assist supervisors in obtaining Blue Cards which are essential before a person can commence duties,” they said.

All positions in PCI are volunteer positions and no wages are paid.

“If you are prepared to help save the lives of innocent children and support their impoverished and abused pregnant mothers please telephone the charity on 1300 777 777 or alternatively email the charity at pci777@bigpond.com,” the spokesperson said.

“The more volunteers, the more children we can save.”

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