Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Learning and having fun

Learning and having fun

By Carole Danby 

THE whole Christian community is called to provide a range of opportunities and experiences through which the faith-life of children can be nurtured and deepened.

Not everyone comes to faith in the same manner, so foundations laid down in childhood can prepare young people for full, adult participation in the life of the Church and community.

The family, the Catholic school and the parish work together to provide learning experiences and knowledge about what it means to be Catholic and a follower of Jesus Christ.

A new and exciting opportunity exists for parishes to share the treasure of our Catholic faith with children.

When schools close their doors for the holidays, parishes might consider opening their doors to primary school children to enjoy a Fun Day with God.

A new CD resource, Fun Days with God, has been produced by Lorraine Wynne and Carole Danby who, together, have many years of experience teaching children about matters of faith.

Children will enjoy games, prayer, singing, Bible stories, craft and drama based on the Sunday Gospels for each liturgical season in the three-year cycle.

People learn best when they are having fun and this new resource is jam-packed with creative ideas to assist children to learn about their faith. Among other things, children will enjoy acting out Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem during Easter Capers; during Alive in the Spirit, exploring messages from Jesus by playing “Pass the Parcel”; going on a nature walk with cameras to capture the beauty of God’s world during Thank You God for Spring, and during Advent Adventures acting out stories about John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus.

A great way to engage all parish families.

Carol Danby is a Project Officer for Evangelisation Brisbane

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