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Helping sufferers find dignity

Constant care: The Leprosy Mission is committed to ending the disease across the world.

Constant care: The Leprosy Mission is committed to ending the disease across the world.

THE Leprosy Mission is an international fellowship working towards our shared goal: “to eradicate the causes and consequences of leprosy”.

We’re committed to leprosy because of what the disease does to people.

Without early treatment and constant care, leprosy is a disfiguring, disabling disease.

In most countries there is such stigma attached to leprosy and disability that people find themselves isolated, socially excluded and denied access to basic services.

 It can shackle whole families.

Laxmi is a vivacious teenage girl from India.

She lives in seclusion with her family because her father has leprosy.

Her father is unable to work because of his disability, and he must beg in order to feed his family.

 Although an education could help Laxmi overcome the poverty her family is trapped in, living in a leprosy village stops her from going to school.

It also prevents her from having friends to talk and play with.

People affected by leprosy, like Laxmi, are often the poorest of the poor.

 But through our wide range of programs – medical, community development, education, advocacy, rehabilitation, research – we aim for transformation.

Where there was rejection by family and community, we work towards inclusion.

Where people find they cannot carry out normal activities without damaging their eyes or hands or feet due to leprosy, we help them find practical solutions.

Where people have lost opportunities for education, for a livelihood, for a life of dignity, we work with them to bring about change – not only in their own situation, but also in community attitudes.

Families like Laxmi’s can find justice, dignity and inclusion.

But we need your help.

Giving $250 not only sets free an entire family, it’s also the best way to end leprosy in our world today.

Visit www.leprosymission.org.au to find out more information or donate.

Written by: Staff writers
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