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Faber tapping a rich tradition


Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality

Guidance: Direction in the Spiritual Exercises either in solitude or daily life and Ignatian spiritual direction are given in one-to-one personal meetings through the Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality.

The Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality has just completed 10 years in Brisbane.

Faber is named after St Peter Faber (1506-46), one of the first companions of St Ignatius at the University of Paris (1528-34) and the first among them to be ordained a priest.

The Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality under its founding director Jesuit Father Chris Gleeson began offering a variety of retreats and spiritual programs in 2007 based on Ignatian spirituality and adapted to the different needs of people.

Five pioneers of the Spiritual Exercises in Queensland who also actively shared in the first activities of the Faber Centre were John Borger, Jesuit Father John Drury, Missionary Sisters of Service Sister Delphine O’Shea, Jesuit Father Vince Hurley and Cenacle Sister Pat Clouston.

During retreats and quiet days, participants can wander the walking tracks at the foot of Mt Coot-tha, taking in the majestic beauty of Australian gum trees and ancient rock formations while listening to the songs of the birds and the sounds of water trickling over silent stone.

All Faber offerings derive from the understanding that St lgnatius Loyola wrote the Spiritual Exercises and began to give them to others while he was a layman, and that Ignatian spirituality belongs to everyone.

No overnight accommodation is available at the Faber Centre. All Faber residential retreats are offered at the archdiocesan Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, in Ormiston, formerly the Cenacle Retreat Centre.

After an influx of nine new members who successfully completed the recent three-year Arrupe Formation Program in Queensland, the Faber Centre teams numbers 25 qualified and accredited spiritual directors.

Faber offers the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises – in solitude for 30 days or in daily life for 30 weeks, and First Spiritual Exercises for four weeks in daily life, and individual spiritual direction in the Ignatian tradition.

The Faber Centre also offers individually guided retreats for two, four or six days, weekend retreats and day retreats, adapted always for people in different situations and their diverse needs.

Spiritual formation programs, seminars, workshops and outreach programs are available to parish staff and school staff, and to regional and rural areas throughout Queensland.

Jesuit Father John Reilly has been director of Faber since 2011.

The Faber Centre is located in the beautiful rainforest setting at the foot of Mt Coot-tha, 111 Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Bardon. More information about the Faber Centre is available on the website

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