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EOFY: Ministry to mentally ill “a beacon of hope”

St Patrick's Church

Beacon of hope: Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care is located just behind St Patrick’s Church in Fortitude Valley.

BEHIND St Patrick’s Church in Fortitude Valley there is a centre that does good, indeed holy work. 

It’s called the Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care centre and it’s one of Centacare’s pastoral ministries.

The centre is a place where people who suffer from a psychiatric illness can learn new skills, grow in their faith and form true friendships. 

It’s a beacon of hope – a quiet, unassuming example of our Church walking side by side with those in need. 

This is how Pope Francis sees us bringing the goodness and tenderness of God into people’s lives; by being close to them, by having the joy of serving them, and by freeing them from oppression.

Centacare’s pastoral ministries rely on donations for funding. 

The benefactors who make this work possible touch the lives of people in need and have a tremendous impact in the community.

At Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care alone the impact in real terms looks like this in an average quarter:

l 573 people in mental health units at 14 locations around Brisbane are visited by expertly trained psychiatric pastoral carers – most of these carers have had first-hand experience with mental illness in their own family. All of carers volunteer their time.

l 152 people living in hostels are also individually visited by our pastoral carers. 

The people living in hostels often live isolated lives – these visits provide links to their Church and their community of faith.

l 157 people who are able to make their way into the day centre in Fortitude Valley gather throughout the week to participate in the full roster of spiritual activities for personal growth, which are carefully designed to cater for people with severe psychiatric illnesses.

On behalf of Centacare’s pastoral ministries, thank you to all the faithful who fund this work. With your help we continue to seek out the lost, to embrace those on the fringes of society, and show the merciful face of our Church.

Written by: Staff writers
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