Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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EOFY: Help end hardship for leprosy sufferers


You can help: Muazu from Nigeria has leprosy and has to beg just to survive.

MUAZU from Nigeria was diagnosed with leprosy 35 years ago. 

A cure exists, but sadly he did not receive the Multi Drug Therapy that he needed to be cured. This means he has continued to suffer ever since.

Without the proper treatment, Muazu continued to develop discoloured skin patches. 

Reactions to this awful disease meant that he suffered pain all over his body. 

He lost nerve function and sensitivity in his hands, which resulted in ulcers. 

Eventually several of his fingers were amputated. 

All of this could have been prevented if he had access to the right treatment at the right time.

One of the hardest parts of living with leprosy is the stigma. 

Following his diagnosis, Muazu’s wife nearly left him and he lost his self-confidence. 

As a result of leprosy, he developed a disability and could no longer work. 

He resorted to begging for money to feed his family. At 65, Muazu still has to beg just to survive.

Leprosy Mission Australia is helping Muazu and people like him. 

It has partnered with the healthcare company Novartis which provides free leprosy medicine. 

“But we need your support to get it to the people who need it,” a Leprosy Mission Australia spokesperson said.

“It’s not only a fantastic opportunity to reach families with the medicine that sets them free – it’s also the best way to end leprosy in our world today. 

“Curing someone stops the spread of leprosy in whole communities.

“Plus, as a special help to you, when you give before June 30, you’ll also receive the tax benefit in this financial year. Now is the time to act and stop this dreadful disease.

 “Your gift today will save someone else from enduring the hardship that Muazu suffered.”

Written by: Staff writers
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