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Educating for wisdom

CAMPION College Australia offers a unique educational experience.

As the only Liberal Arts college in the country, Campion educates its students in subject areas within the humanities and sciences, which lie at the heart of the western intellectual tradition.

A Campion spokesperson said that, through “a deliberately integrated” program of learning in History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology, Mathematics, Science and Classical Languages (such as Greek and Latin), students developed vital skills which fostered and aided critical thought.

Community life: Students ready fo a social occasion at Campion College in Sydney.

Community life: Students ready fo a social occasion at Campion College in Sydney.

“Such skills include recognising and making sound arguments, writing persuasively, communicating effectively and developing creative, analytical and research skills that are essential for success and fulfilment in any career path,” the college spokesperson said.

“In addition to its thorough academic program, Campion provides a small college community within which students can get to know their lecturers and fellow students, and access resources readily.

“There are opportunities for students to be involved in various groups and societies on campus, as well as opportunities to develop in their faith and Catholic identity through daily Mass and other spiritual activities.

“The combination of academic studies and community life ensures an education centred on the development of the whole human person – in intellect, in faith and in character.”

The spokesperson said a Liberal Arts education ensured graduates were “well equipped for any future endeavours”.

“Critical, innovative and creative thinkers of good character are always in demand in the workplace, and with those abilities Campion graduates can expect to succeed in whatever fields they enter,” they said.

“Many alumni describe their Campion experience as genuinely life-changing in its promotion and nourishment of critical thought, community life and virtue.

“Study at Campion is aimed at cultivating skills for any career one might want to pursue in future, and it also aims higher – at shaping minds towards the acquisition of wisdom that is necessary for full human flourishing.

“That’s an education worth having.”

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