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Life is in good hands

“Pro-Lifers”: Supporters gathered to celebrate reframing “Life” as a preferred quality resource for teachers to enrich and shape learning environments.

“Pro-Lifers”: Supporters gathered to celebrate reframing “Life” as a preferred quality resource for teachers to enrich and shape learning environments.

IT may have had a rocky start, but “Life”, Brisbane Catholic Education’s digital learning platform for schools, is gaining momentum in its community.

“Life” is a virtual-learning program that assists schools with the implementation of ICT (information and communications technology) capability within the Australian Curriculum, in BCE classrooms.

With the focus this year on reframing Life, “key teachers” were invited to the O’Shea Centre for a Life Evaluation and Celebration day.

Throughout the day participants shared and discussed both their successes and challenges in leading and supporting Life as a key learning resource in schools.

They also received a certificate of recognition from BCE executive director Pam Betts who acknowledged their work and particularly thanked them for being leaders, learners and risk takers.

Ms Betts said it was wonderful to see the connections being made across schools throughout the day, with enabling, enhancing and accelerating student learning the focus of many conversations.

“The re-engagement with Life started from Term 2 this year at 48 ‘Coalition of Willing’ schools and another 31 schools are engaging with the Life resource on a regular basis,” she said.

“Between the start of Term 2 and November this year there have been more than 3,000,000 page views and 330,000 sessions in Life.”

Rachel Lalor, from Siena Catholic College, Sippy Downs, said the Evaluation and Celebration day was a fantastic idea.

She said it was helpful to discuss the strengths of Life with others and establish some new networks for the future development of the program.

“Being a Life key teacher means taking risks and leading staff with the support of BCE education officers, in order for our students to have the best quality Catholic education, as Pam stated,” she said.

Katie Wilson, from Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School, Annerley, said 2014 had been an incredible year for Life.

She said having been introduced to it last year and seeing how much it engaged the students, she was excited to immerse herself in it this year.

“Sure, we had our problems at the beginning of the year, but I truly believe it was worth the wait,” she said.

“Being key teacher for the school meant inspiring and motivating the staff (all staff, not just teachers) to give Life a go.”

Ms Wilson said she was fortunate to have incredible support from the school administration team and she learnt much from BCE education officers and colleagues at “key teacher” days.

Martin Perrett, from St Mary’s Catholic College, Kingaroy, reflected about the role of a key teacher.

He said as teachers they were on the same learning journey as students with Life.

“This brings some apprehension but also incredible opportunity to model that learning is a way of life not a means to an end,” he said.

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