Sunday, September 20, 2020
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World Youth Day pilgrims show faith

THEY were young and enthusiastic and came from the farthest corners of the globe to show that they believe in Christ.

The hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who flocked to World Youth Day in Toronto, Canada last month demonstrated that young people are willing to stand up for what they believe and that they have faith in the future of the Church.

And what a vibrant Church it will be, if these young pilgrims are any guide.

Looking at the sea of faces that gathered for the key papal ceremonies during World Youth Day, young Catholics of the 21st century are like many of their peers.

T-shirts, shorts, low-cut jeans and crop tops blended with pierced body parts, temporary tattoos and brightly-coloured hair.

But beyond their outward appearance, you could tell they were Christians by their love – of God and an aging Pope who was like a doting grandfather to many of them.

Written by: Staff writers
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