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War still questionable

AUSTRALIAN Catholic Bishops’ Conference president, Archbishop Francis Carroll, while rejoicing at the demise of Saddam Hussein, is still questioning the morality of the war on Iraq.

Archbishop Carroll of Canberra and Goulburn, in an interview with Vatican Radio on April 10, said he still did not believe the war had been a last resort option, and he warned of the dangers and long-term implications of pre-emption.

‘Well if this spells the end of the war, it’s cause for great rejoicing and thanksgiving,’ he said.

‘And one can only hope then that there will be a quick resolution of any remaining conflict and that the arrangements being put in place in Iraq will eventually lead to a lasting peace and some joy for the citizens of Iraq.’

Archbishop Carroll said he was not surprised that public support for the war had grown once Australian troops became involved.

‘It’s still, though, very significant that half the population would still be against the war in spite of the fact that Australian troops were fighting on one particular side,’ he said.

‘I would believe myself that even though the campaign would be judged now as successful, and please God it will prove to bring about all sorts of positive things, the morality of the original decision must still be questioned.

‘I believe that it was not clearly shown that war was used as a last resort.

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