Friday, October 18, 2019
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Spreading good moos in Cambodia

STUDENTS at Our Lady of the Way School, Petrie put on their walking shoes on March 15 to raise money for a Cambodian family in need of a cow.

The students took part in a Caritas cow walk in the school grounds to raise enough money to buy a cow for the family in the village of Toul in Cambodia.

With access to a cow the family would have a source of milk to increase nutrition, manure to enrich the soil and income from selling any calves.

Through its cow banks Caritas Australia, lends a cow, which costs about $325 in Cambodia, to a family and when it has had its first female calf, the calf is returned to the cow bank, repaying the debt.

A number of cardboard cows were on display at the school and students coloured in one each time they hit the $325 target.

Assistant principal for religious education Jenny Long said the students had raised more than $390 through their class Project Compassion boxes.

She said they also raised more than $2000 through the walk.

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