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Queenslander’s Link with Lunar Landing

THE movie The Dish, about Australia’s role in the 1969 lunar landing, will be watched with special interest by Maryborough parishioner Noel Ryan.

Mr Ryan, who lives in retirement with wife Pat at Tiaro, was a post office engineer at Maryborough at the time of the Apollo flights and became the only Queenslander involved in the moon landing.

None of the communication facilities provided by the then Department of Posts and Telegraphs for Apollo missions were routed directly via Queensland.

But during the Apollo 11 flight to the moon Mr Ryan was on temporary duty in the long line equipment section at Post Office Central in Melbourne. He said “it just happened” that he was there at the time.

Mr Ryan said that for the landing on the moon, the Australian communications system was the only one in the world with a direct link with the lunar module.

NASA recognised Mr Ryan’s contribution to the landing by sending a special Apoloo lapel pin and certificate from America, which were presented to him at the Maryborough Postal Institute on December 10, 1969.

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