Monday, August 10, 2020
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Prayers for Bali

PRESIDENT of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Francis Carroll of Canberra and Goulburn, has called for an urgent recommittal to building peace in the world following the October 1 Bali bombings.

In a message on October 4, he extended his prayers and sympathy to those affected by the latest bombings.

Archbishop Carroll said he shared in the nation’s outpouring of distress that, once again, terrorism had struck on Australia’s doorstep with devastating consequences.

‘I offer my prayerful solidarity to all those affected by this act of terrorism,’ he said.

‘For families and communities which are grieving, I pray that they will find strength and comfort at this time,’ Archbishop Carroll said.

Among those affected were nine families from the Newcastle Catholic community, who were holidaying together when three suicide bombers detonated explosives in two of Bali’s main tourist strips.

At least 21 of the Australian tourists killed or injured in the blasts came from Newcastle.

Archbishop Carroll said that in the face of such acts of violence we are called ever more urgently to commit ourselves to building peace in our hearts and in the world.

‘Terrorist bombings, war in Iraq, conflict in Afghanistan, the Middle East and other areas, hunger and disease, are sobering reminders of the suffering in the world,’ he said.

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