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Ordination fills new priest with wonder

PAUL Chandler said he could feel the power of the Holy Spirit descend on him as he was ordained to the priesthood in Brisbane’s St Stephen’s Cathedral on February 22.

Fr Chandler, 50, said the ordination was a moving and spiritual occasion.

“I had tears in my eyes,” he said. “The power of the Holy Spirit was tangibly present for me at that time.

“I had the feeling of being lifted by the Holy Spirit.

“I am still full of wonder and excitement,” he added.

About 800 people, including 50 priests and four bishops, joined in the celebration as Fr Chandler was ordained to the archdiocesan priesthood.

The next night Fr Chandler concelebrated his first Mass at St William’s Church, Grovely with two close seminary friends, Fr Matthew Moloney and recently ordained Fr Andrew Chase, both of Rockhampton.

Fr Chandler also celebrated the wedding of his nephew in St Stephen’s Chapel, Brisbane, on February 25 and a funeral the next day.

Archbishop John Bathersby said Fr Chandler’s decision to join the priesthood was a cause for rejoicing, not only for his family and friends but also for the whole archdiocese.

Archbishop Bathersby confirmed Fr Chandler’s first appointment as associate pastor of Southport parish for the next three years.

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