Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Minister: Reports untrue

FEDERAL Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Herron said last Tuesday it was “a total lie” that he had denied the existence of the stolen generation.

Senator Herron, a Catholic, told The Catholic Leader that much press speculation about the Government’s position had been wrong and the Coalition remained committed to reconciliation.

He said he had put the issue into perspective in his submission and had used Australian Bureau of Statistics figures from a survey it did in 1994.

“My Catholicity is unblemished in this,” he said. “I myself was actually responsible for taking children from their mothers.

“As a doctor, as well as having 10 children of my own, I took in 23 pregnant single girls who needed help. Their babies were adopted out, but that was what was done in those days. Abortion was the alternative.”

He supported a motion last Tuesday by Democrat Senator Aden Ridgeway that the Senate “recognise as a matter of urgency the need for the Australian Government to acknowledge that there exists stolen generations of indigenous Australians …”

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