Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Historic moves at All Hallows’ and the Mater

THE Sisters of Mercy have transferred the running of Mater Brisbane health services and All Hallows’ School to a new Church entity, Mercy Partners.

The Mercy Sisters and their associates viewed the recent transfers, which took place during separate rituals, as historic occasions.

Brisbane congregational leader for the Sisters of Mercy Sr Sandra Lupi said that, in 2008, the Mercies in Queensland received approval from the Vatican to establish a new Church entity called Mercy Partners.

“This was a significant step for the Sisters as they envisioned a future for their institutional works of Mercy within the Catholic Church,” Sr Lupi said.

She said the Sisters of Mercy would always value and hold their historical ties and strong links with both All Hallows’ School and Mater Brisbane.

Mater chief executive officer Dr John O’Donnell said the organisation had been owned by the Sisters of Mercy since 1906.

“In the 107 years Mater had been owned by the Sisters of Mercy, Mater has grown from an organisation comprising a small 20-bed private hospital at North Quay to a network of seven hospitals providing care to more than 500,000 patients each year,” he said.

“As things grow, they also change – and this month marks possibly the most significant change in the Mater’s history.”

Dr O’Donnell said, while significant, the change in ownership and governance would not alter the day-to-day operations or the mission and values of Mater Brisbane.

“Our link with the Sisters of Mercy will remain strong as we continue to provide health care in the tradition of Mercy,” he said.

During the transfer ritual at All Hallows’ on the same day Sr Lupi said the new governance arrangement would not mean any change to the mission, values and ethos of All Hallows’ either, or any change to its commitment to educating the young women of Brisbane.

“The Sisters of Mercy will always value and hold our historical ties and strong links with All Hallows’ School,” she said.

“By transferring All Hallows’ School to Mercy Partners, the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane congregation has ensured that the school will continue to be conducted in the name of the Catholic Church and remain within Mercy values that find expression in policy and practice.

Through this ritual our commitment to God’s mission of Mercy is expressed anew.

“We will continue to do this through ministries that enable the education, liberating and life-giving compassion of Christ the teacher, to be experienced.”

Mercy Partners was established late in 2008 to assume responsibility for ministries belonging to the Mercy congregations of Queensland.

The organisation includes Mercy Sisters, their supporters and people with expertise in varied fields.


Written by: Robin Williams
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