Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Flower Power Helps Babies

MORE premature babies like Madison Mullins will become fit and healthy if people buy petunias this Christmas.

The mauve-coloured Lady Jessie Bradman Petunias, named in memory of the wife of the late Sir Donald Bradman, are helping raise money for the Mater Hospitals’ Growth and Development Clinic for premature and low-weight infants, at South Brisbane.

One year-old Madison, who was born four months premature, is one of thousands of newborns who have been through the clinic.

The appeal, in conjunction with the Mater Hospitals’ Trust and Oasis Nurseries, will be launched on December 16 at Hawkins Home and Garden Lifestyle Centre, Chandler.

One dollar from every petunia sold at the centre will be donated to the Mater Hospitals’ Growth and Development Clinic.

The flowers are also available for sale at most major nursery retailers in Australia, with proceeds going to the clinic.

The clinic’s co-ordinator, Yvonne Rogers, said more than 790 infants weighing less than one kilogram and another 1500 pre-term and biologically frail infants have been followed through the clinic since 1978.

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