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Archbishop launches phase two synod poster

THE Brisbane archdiocese has moved into a new phase in the lead up to Synod 2003.

The consultation phase from June 2001 to June 2002 has ended and the new preparation phase Seeking Wisdom has begun.

A poster announcing the synod’s new phase was presented by Archbishop John Bathersby on July 14 at the opening of Emmaus School in Jimboomba.

During the preparation phase, from June 2002 to April 2003, synod writing teams will prep

are reports for the final papers to be presented to the synod assembly during the third and final phase from May 1-5, 2003.

Mike Humphrys, a member of synod’s prayer and liturgy working group, said the preparation phase was largely hidden.

‘It involves the work of the writing teams in preparing papers for the preparation days in October and March, when synod members will frame the agenda for the synod assembly in May,’ he said.

‘The theme of the preparation is that we’re looking for the wisdom gained from the consultations to chart the territory for the future.’

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