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All people called to mission

A Brisbane parish priest and a community bank manager combined to launch the annual Catholic Mission World Mission Month in the Redlands part of the archdiocese.

Victoria Point parish priest Fr Leo Burke and the Victoria Point Community Bank (a branch of Bendigo Bank) branch manager Justine Kennedy were invited to launch the appeal on September 23.

In a gesture aimed at showing that we are all able to make a difference, the pair cut a cake featuring a Monopoly board and unveiled a poster featuring the appeal theme: “Hear My Voice … Believe”.

“One might well ask what the significance of Monopoly is to an appeal that seeks to raise funds for those less fortunate,” Catholic Mission’s Brisbane archdiocesan director David McGovern said at a morning tea hosted by the bank for the appeal launch.

“As a game that is all about wealth accumulation, we wanted to highlight the need for those who have much to care for those who go without.

“The sad reality is that the majority of people in the world live in conditions where they are struggling to make ends meet or have to contend with disease, famine, civil war or illiteracy – for them, they never even get past Go, much less collect $200.

“Sadly, for many of the 2.6 million children we support, and their families and communities, life is much more serious than a board game.”

Fr Burke said none of us “have a monopoly on compassion”.

“When our congregations are urged to support the missionary work of the Church, … we do so mindful that Jesus told his followers that whatever we do to the least of us, we are doing it to Him.”

Ms Kennedy said the community bank was “happy to support Catholic Mission because, like them, our mandate is all about making a difference at the grassroots – they do this by supporting local churches and parishes to work with communities, children, and in developing indigenous Church leaders overseas”.

To make a donation to Catholic Mission, visit or phone 1800 257 296.


Written by: Catholic Mission Australia
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