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Abortion survey results shock

RESULTS of a newly released survey into reasons why women seek abortions indicate a disturbing desensitisation towards the value of newly conceived life, a leading Brisbane Catholic bioethicist says.

Queensland Catholic Bioethics Centre director Ray Campbell said the report published in The Medical Journal of Australia on January 19 showed that “bad timing” was the most common reason for women seeking abortions at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

An analysis of 3018 women seeking abortions between October 2006 and September 2007 showed 1026 or 34 per cent listed their primary reason as “does not want children now” or “not the right time”.

He told The Catholic Leader it would not surprise him if the survey results were replicated across Australia.

“One thing the report does demonstrate is that very few abortions are performed for medical reasons”, he said.

“If a large number of abortions are being performed simply because the mother finds it inconvenient to have a child at this time, then this reflects a desensitisation towards the value of the newly conceived life.

“Indirectly the report highlights that we have to combat abortion on many different levels.

“We need to offer genuine support for pregnant women.

“The Church in Brisbane is trying to do that on various levels including such ways as the Walking With Love initiative.

“We also have Pregnancy Crisis Inc.”

Cherish Life Queensland president Teresa Martin said while the timing of having a child might not be “the right time” it might be “the only time”.

“The reasons for this are many and varied…one young women’s partner became a quadriplegic after a trail bike accident – the baby they aborted was the only baby they were ever going to have,” she said.

Ms Martin said she “strongly encouraged” all Catholics and others concerned about the current “horrific” abortion rate in Australia to attend the Rally for Life which starts in Queens Park in Brisbane’s CBD at 2pm on Saturday February 7.

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