Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Abortion bill push

PRO-life groups are outraged at speculation about decriminalising abortion in Queensland.

Media reports have indicated a State Government backbencher is preparing

to introduce a private member’s bill in Queensland Parliament to remove abortion from the criminal code within the next 18 months.

Queensland Bioethics Centre director Ray Campbell said it was a shame to see politicians proposing the decriminalisation of abortion at a time when it was clear that most Australians believed there were too many abortions.

Mr Campbell said more and more evidence was pointing too the tragic effects that abortion had on women, leaving aside the fatal effect it had on the baby.

“No-one wants to see women demonised because they have had an abortion,” Mr Campbell said.

“But the decriminalising of abortion will do nothing to truly help women.

“It will just make abortions seem even more acceptable and continue to ignore the real problems – what leads women to want to have an abortion.”

Mr Campbell said all those concerned with respect for human life should join to oppose this proposed decriminalisation.

Queensland Right to Life president Teresa Martin said it would be would be “political suicide” for state MPs to pushing for a private member’s bill to decriminalise abortion.

Mrs Martin said recent research showed 53 per cent of Queenslanders were opposed to abortion for non-medical, or financial or social reasons, with only 28 per cent in favor.

“That is 98 per cent of abortions performed in Queensland,” she said.

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