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Election 2016: What young people can do to influence Australian politics

LAUNCHING a career in politics isn’t the only way to turn influential ideas into policies and laws. National Civic Council Queensland president and father to five Luke McCormack  believes any professional young person has the capacity to influence Australia’s democratic process without becoming a candidate. “Society was built on institutions, and of course the political realm is one, unions are ... Read More »

A teen’s guide to reaching Heaven

Anne-Marie Williams

OUR souls are skyward bound; we are all called to be saints, each and every one of us. Answering that call however, can be more than slightly challenging, especially for us teenagers in today’s secular society. Often I will find myself in complete and utter awe of the saints that have gone before us – to the point where I ... Read More »

Helping youth find true love

Jason Evert with wife Crystalina Evert

Catholic speaker Jason Evert headed for chastity mission in Australia AMERICA’S top chastity speaker will help Australia’s young Catholics “find and give the love they were created for” during his December visit this year. Popular Catholic speaker Jason Evert will give a keynote address at the country’s largest youth festival this year held in Adelaide from December 4 to 6. ... Read More »

Message of hope for young people

By Adam Burns THE return from holidays had us ready for a new, exciting year of ministry. Our office returned from holidays on January 5 after the break however much of our team has been out of the office at different conferences, camps and forums for most of January. Over the past two weeks I spent time in Sydney for ... Read More »

The day I was truly out of the loop on Facebook

By Emilie Ng HOW did you feel the afternoon Facebook and Instagram crashed? Personally – and this may shock those who know my technology habits well – I was apathetic about the whole situation. Why, and how, you ask, could a person like me, who admittedly looks more at their iPhone screen than at the Bible, be indifferent about a ... Read More »

English translation of WYD Krakow 2016 Hymn

WYD 2016 logo

The Catholic Leader is pleased to provide an English translation of Błogosławieni Miłosierni (“Blessed are the Merciful”), the official hymn for World Youth Day Krakow 2016. Blessed Are the Merciful I raise my eyes to the mountains,from where help will comefrom the Lord, because Heis a merciful God! When we are lost, He looks for us,so as to take us in His ... Read More »

Learning to ask the questions

By Veronica Hayes WHAT am I here for? What is my purpose? Where is God calling me? Turning 25 had me in a state of confusion – these questions racing around my mind like the Australian Grand Prix. I wasn’t prepared for this. I was meant to be happy and content. I loved my life. I had a great, full ... Read More »

Learning the art of etiquette

By Emilie Ng ASIAN martial arts, when practised to perfection, have the ability to transform any mere mortal into a lethal and highly self-disciplined weapon. One of these art forms, karate, was developed after the Chinese introduced a similar self-defence art into Japan as part of a cultural exchange. Hands and legs move in quick and controlled sequences which, after years ... Read More »

Do you relate?

By Adam Burns IN my job I throw the word discernment around a lot; and I’ve started to catch myself rolling my eyes every time I do. It’s like I’ve become tired of the word. Perhaps maybe we have lessened the value of what discernment is actually about. I think maybe we are operating with a poor caricature of what ... Read More »

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