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Faith in God

VINNIES VIEW by Brian Moore THE definition of the word faith is a belief without evidence. Faith is a confidence or trust in something that may not be seen. The root or foundation of our Catholic faith is the death and resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Someone once asked great British preacher C.H. Spurgeon if he could put in a ... Read More »

Mystery of resurrection

By Fr Nicholas Okafor PART of the mystery of Jesus’ Resurrection is that he appeared to his disciples not as a spirit but in bodily form. In John 20:14-18 we read that when Mary Magdalene first encountered the risen Jesus, she did not recognise the figure standing before her until Jesus spoke to her. In Luke 24:13-35, the disciples walking ... Read More »

Our Holy Week journey

By Fr Nicholas Okafor WHEN I was a boy, I never looked forward to Holy Week. It’s the longest week of all weeks for me. Any time the Holy Week approached I would be asking my mum “when is this long Sunday (Tridiuum) coming to an end, I discovered we are always in the Church these days”. We would leave ... Read More »

St Joseph, a model of faith

By Fr Thomas Rosica THE present challenges to fatherhood and masculinity cannot be understood in isolation from the culture in which we live. A recent study has found that over four in 10 babies are born to unwed mothers – a sad new record for our day. How many of these children will grow up without a loving father in ... Read More »

Being fruitful this Lent

By Brian Moore DURING Lent the Church invites us all as Christians to come out of the wilderness to be fruitful, to see, to hear and to proclaim the Good News. In the Parable of the Sower, in Matthew 13:7-9, Jesus focused on the hearer, telling us that in the act of scattering the seed, some fell on unsuitable soil ... Read More »

Abandoned waters turned to pool of life

Teamwork: Sarita and other members of the Kolkatla Fish Raising Group fishing on the group’s pond. The co-operative is supported by Caritas Australia.

Caritas Australia gives another example of how money donated through the Project Compassion 2015 appeal can help improve the lives of people battling poverty in various parts of the world. THE men and women of the Kolkatla Fish Raising Group in rural Nepal, with practical training and support, have been able to share their skills and create a life-long source ... Read More »

‘Wake up the world’

This is a pastoral letter prepared by the Australian Catholic Bishopsí Commission for Church Ministry to celebrate the 2015 Year of Consecrated Life. “I have called you by your name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1) EACH of our brothers and sisters in the consecrated life, recalls a word, an event, a priest or religious who inspired them; something as simple as ... Read More »

The Lord works in mysterious ways

By Ted Richardson A FEW weeks ago, a seafarer was medevacked off a ship. He was diagnosed with the late stages of leukaemia. His outcome is uncertain. A shipping company brought his wife, Divine, out from the Philippines to help build his spirits. Our pastoral care team has spent a great deal of time working with Divine and her husband ... Read More »

Mariama battles poverty as a sole parent in Niger

IN Niger, West Africa, almost three million people are living in extreme poverty. More than 40 per cent of the country’s people either can’t afford to buy food or can’t access it. Without the food they need, many people are living on the brink of survival, and bringing up children can be heartbreaking. Thankfully, Mariama is receiving the essential food ... Read More »

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