Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Pam Betts on guiding Brisbane Catholic Education through 2020

Brisbane Catholic Education executive director Pam Betts

EARLIER this year Pam Betts was on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land when dramatic news broke of the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the prospect of a global pandemic.  By year’s end Brisbane Catholic Education’s executive director finds herself preparing for a well-earned leave on her “beloved” Stradbroke Island.  In between, she has found herself consumed and exhausted leading ... Read More »

Bishops urge scrapping of proposed euthanasia laws after government defers

Bishop Tim Harris and Archbishop Mark Coleridge

QUEENSLAND bishops have demanded the state’s political lead- ers become “promoters of life, not agents of death” – by scrapping proposed euthanasia laws, and doing more to counter youth suicide and the scourge of domestic violence. “We’re just colluding with a culture of death,” Townsville Bishop Tim Harris said. “It’s even worse in the midst of a global pan- demic ... Read More »

Brisbane Courage director warns against conversion therapy bill

BRENDAN Scarce once offered 13 counselling sessions over five months to a man seeking reparative therapy because he felt anxious about being same-sex attracted. Mr Scarce told the man he didn’t do reparative therapy but, as a social worker and the long-time director of Courage, a ministry to Catholics with same-sex attraction, he could offer a listening ear. Since 1998 ... Read More »

Ethics of the investigation into prolific Brisbane sperm donor explained

A CATHOLIC priest who helped write the ethical guidelines on assisted reproductive technology said the actions of a sperm donor being investigated for fathering 23 children were illegal and unethical. Fr Kevin McGovern, who is based in Victoria, was a member of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Working Committee that wrote the national ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive ... Read More »

Children’s book on screen time a novel idea for concerned parents

WHEN Brisbane teacher Jesse Hewitt worked in a kindergarten last year, a common issue he heard over and over again from parents was how to wean children off a bad screen obsession. “A lot of parents were coming up to me having this conversation (about screen time) saying it was affecting their children’s behaviour, their sleeping pattern, and of course ... Read More »

Australian initiative helps women find their God-given life purpose

KAREN Doyle is a great believer in Pope St John Paul II’s assertion that women are the answer to all major problems in the future. Mrs Doyle said the former pope spoke often about the need for society to acknowledge the transformative effect women could have. “Throughout John Paul II’s work he said to women, ‘You are an answer’, that ... Read More »

Brisbane Archbishop backs call for urgent action on climate change

ARCHBISHOP Mark Coleridge has supported an open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling for urgent action on climate change. Archbishop Coleridge, who was among Pacific religious and political leaders who signed the letter, said “climate change in the Pacific is a matter of life and death”. “That’s why it’s important for Australians, including our political leaders, to hear the ... Read More »

Pandemic increased the need for healing prayer, Charismatic community leader says

CATHOLIC Charismatic Renewal Brisbane is experiencing an increased demand for healing prayer as pandemic restrictions ease. With some people having turned to CCR prayer ministers online during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s face-to-face healing prayer they’re seeking now. “While we offered healing prayer online following COVID lockdown and some took up that opportunity, during the last month, the number of people ... Read More »

Coronavirus vaccines are rolling out across the UK

A VACCINE said to be 95 per cent effective against COVID-19 was given emergency authorisation to be administered across the United Kingdom from last Tuesday, becoming the first mass-vaccination program in the world. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock reportedly dubbed it “V-Day”, a reference to victory in the Second World War, as the vaccine became the first returned fire at ... Read More »

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