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Paul Field wears his heart on his sleeve

PAUL Field wears his heart on his sleeve – literally. The manager of the world’s most popular children’s entertainers, The Wiggles, has the name of his late daughter Bernadette tattooed on his arm along with his beloved Sacred Heart, an image he says typifies both his suffering and strength. More than 30 years on, he admits his Catholic faith has ... Read More »

Focus on beauty becomes a new habit for Fr Joe McKay

A ROOM with a view was a life-changer for Franciscan Father Joe McKay. Being struck by the sheer beauty flooding that view one morning was what made the difference. In his 30s at the time, he was living in Wollongong, NSW, working for BHP as a chemical engineer, and enjoying the happy and fulfilled life of a young professional. But ... Read More »

Lead us not into temptation: Why Christ would not turn stone into bread

What’s wrong with turning stones into loaves bread? If Christ had the power to satiate His hunger in the desert, and doing so was not going to harm anyone, why was it one of the ‘temptations’ that we hear about on the first Sunday of Lent? (Matthew 4:1-11) Why was it something Jesus refused to do? The answer lies in ... Read More »

Praying mum from Cairns writes play for centenary of Fatima apparitions

IT’S not every day you meet a Beverley Cains.  When the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady to three children in Portugal was approaching in 2017, the teacher and matriarch set about to “retell this story in a play”. Born and educated in Cairns, the Marian devotee known as “Bev” was enthused by the lasting impact of the 1950s ... Read More »

St Zelie Martin was not a tradwife

WORKING mothers – despite the term being a reality for many families, pockets of the Church still gnash their teeth at the thought of a mum earning a living to support the family. Some say it’s a sin (it isn’t) or that it makes no sense having a dual-income family (they obviously haven’t had to pay a mortgage in 2020). ... Read More »

Brisbane auxiliary Bishop Ken Howell reveals his carbon footprint

What would be the carbon footprint of a Catholic bishop in a large and bustling archdiocese? In this two-week series, Emilie Ng uses the carbon footprint of one auxiliary Bishop to explore the three last pope’s teaching on the environment. BRISBANE auxiliary Bishop Ken Howell visited the airport nearly once a fortnight in 2019, but it wasn’t the primary contributor ... Read More »

Choosing to take responsibility for the faith

Priest during the consecration of the Mass

By Shane Dwyer I REMEMBER an incident from when I was a boy. It was the practice of my family to attend Mass together on a Sunday morning. I wouldn’t say that my brother, two sisters and I were particularly fond of this aspect of family life, but we had done it for as long as I could remember and ... Read More »

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