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Fair Treatment for Refugees

IT is disturbing to hear that hundreds more refugees on temporary protection visas will be released to fend for themselves in the Australian community...

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Syllabus Provides Balance

I'M disappointed that Mrs Monsour in her letter to the editor (CL 16/7/00) appears to have disregarded her own advice and failed to read through the Studies of Society and Environment syllabus, the sourcebook guidelines and modules of work...

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Young Star’s Big Break

This week's "People" profile looks at Courtney Bell (pictured) who plays Gretl von Trapp in The Sound of Music, currently on show at Brisbane's Lyric Theatre...

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Ruling a Threat to Fatherhood

THE Federal Court's ruling that single women in Victoria should be allowed to access IVF services leaves the status of fatherhood under threat...

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Refugee Concerns

I AM writing to express my concern on the issue of refugees which in recent times has been a major item on the political agenda and reported in the media...

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Lobbying For Change

This week's People profile is on Presentation Sister Marlette Black (pictured) who is setting up Australia's first integrated Catholic lobby group...

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Paradise Found?

THE sacrifice of deciding to spend the rest of one's life in a closed religious order lacks appeal to most people today...

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Secret No Dead Letter

WITH the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima and the official explanation of it out of the way, some Vatican officials may believe that it is a closed chapter in the 20th century history of the Church...

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