Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Celiac Disease and Eucharist

READERS of The Catholic Leader who suffer from celiac disease must have been dismayed and confused by the recent sad story from Boston (CL 11/2/01)...

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Conductor’s Love of Hymns

THIS week's People profile is on Stephen Lightbody (pictured) a composer, conductor and CD producer who is involved with the Cantible Singers, a community choral ensemble from Logan City...

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Poll Message

THE full impact of last Saturday's Queensland election is still sinking in as the Coalition parties assess the reasons for voters' blistering backlash...

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Church Law Should be Relaxed

CONCERNING the case of Jennifer Richardson, 5, who applied to receive her First Communion in a gluten-free form (rice wafer), because of her celiac disease, canon law specifies that the bread used "must be only wheat" (CL 11/2/01)...

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Need for Change

ANOTHER year has begun at most of Australia's seminaries, and the general picture shows that there has again been a drop in the number of men wanting to train for the priesthood...

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Adoption Option Preferable

I REFER to your front page report, "Frozen Generation" (CL 21/1/01): Dominican Father Anthony Fisher is quoted as saying, "But this (embryo adoption) is not without its problems ...

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Talented Leader

THE people of Brisbane archdiocese will be sorry to lose Bishop Michael Putney when he takes up his appointment as the new Bishop of Townsville...

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