Monday, July 6, 2020
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Capitulation on Human Cloning

THE announcement that Australian scientists will be allowed "limited cloning" of embryonic cells (called embryonic stem cells - ESC) is a capitulation to the promise of the big money to be made from this branch of biotechnology by politicians who seem fearful of standing in the way of unethical demands being made by some scientists...

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Passing on Faith to Children

THE first of my letters ever to be published in your paper referred to the fact that Catholic schools were established primarily to teach the Catholic faith to Catholic children...

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Troubadour on Horseback

THIS week's People profile is on Rachel McCracken (pictured) who lost her father at an early age and always nurtured the dream to combine her talent for singing with her love of horses...

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Love your planet

JESUS said the two most important commandments are to love the Lord your God and to love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 16: 37-40)...

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Caring for Sick in Wilds of PNG

THIS week's People profile is on Holy Spirit Sister Dorota Piechota (pictured) who, as a nurse and midwife, has ministered to the mountain people of PNG since 1986...

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Detention No Answer

A PROPOSAL to build another detention centre, possibly on Brisbane's outskirts, is not going to solve the problem of what to do with the growing number of asylum seekers arriving in Australia...

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